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For new arrivals or long-standing regulars, alone or in a group, teachers or members of an association, the Library offers a whole range of free tours, with or without a reservation and adapted to the needs of visitors.
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Photo Delphine Nicolas, Bpi, [CC-By-NC-ND 2.0]

Tours open to everyone

Tours offered by the Library are for: 
  • New visitors
  • Adults undergoing professional training and their trainers
  • Beneficiaries of social welfare centres and associations and their attendants
  • Students
  • Librarians and documentalists
  • Senior school and technical training students (accompanied by a teacher).
  • ... And for all visitors, curious to know more about the Library!

Types of tours offered

The Library offers tour of its thematic areas, collections and services as well as guided tours of its exhibitions.

Tours of the Library without reservation

  • “Discovery" tours 

For a general introduction to the Library in around 30 minutes : Fridays at 6 pm. A few minutes before the Tour starts, come to the General Information desk, at the entrance to the Library (Level 1).

Tours of the Library on reservation  

  • General tours  to have an overview of the Library

its operation
its thematic areas
its collections
its services
its research tools: classification, documentary portal...

Choose one of two formats: general tours one hour long or detailed tours two hours long.

  • Visits centred around a thematic area, a service or a specific collection of the Library 

the Self-study area, the Press area, the Music area, the Job search/Useful skills area, the documentary films and digital technology at the Bpi...
This presentation can be combined - or not – with a general tour of the Bpi.
  • Theme tours 

The librarians may design with visitors a tour around a theme, to enable you to consult books, films, articles, records, electronic resources... which deal with this theme. Depending on the type of audience, these tours can take place in the form of relaxing, participative workshops.

For visitors who work with students, the Bpi also offers flexible tours, adapted to their needs and centres of interest (working on a practical project, for example), to accompany groups in the discovery of the resources of the Library and to initiate them to conducting research in its collections. The Audience Development Service can also design customised projects in collaboration with visitors in a few sessions.

Guided tours of the exhibits of the Bpi

Every year, the Bpi holds an exhibition. On this occasion, guided tours are offered free of charge either in the morning for groups (on reservation) or during Library opening hours for individuals (without reservation). 
Documents to help prepare and assist your tour are available (tour booklet, pedagogical guide, and a downloadable audio-guide for smartphones).

Hours for tours on reservation

Group tours: mornings before 12 am from Monday to Friday, except on Tuesdays. 
Individual tours: mornings or afternoons, from Monday to Friday, except on Tuesdays. 

All tours are free of charge.

Information and reservations

For tours on reservation, you have two options:
- Send us an e-mail :
- call 01 44 78 13 83