Handicaps and accessibility

The Public Information Library has set up a number of services for people with handicaps. Booths with suitable equipment are available through specific access; the Bpi tries to make all of the areas and collections accessible for you.
pictogramme handicap

You want to :

  • visit the Library
  • visit an exhibition
  • listen-to-read the audio newspaper with Vocale presse,
  • conduct document research
  • read in large characters

Contact the service Mission Lecture et Handicap.

This special service is also responsible forinforming and raising the awareness of libraries on the issue of public access for the handicapped to reading.  Every year, this Mission organises a day for study and meetings on the theme of the reception of disabled users in libraries. For several years, it has worked in partnership with organisations and libraries that have an active policy in this area.

Mission lecture  et handicap
Madjid Guitoune 

Marie-Laure Narolles