Public areas

The Public Information Library has been designed entirely to provide autonomy for visitors – by providing them with the help they need to find their way around the public areas and to carry out their research.
Signs will help you to move around these areas of 10,000 m² located on three levels and divided into coloured zones that correspond to the major fields of knowledge.  Bookshelves and workplaces are located on either side of broad central aisles. All the different spaces are designed for a quick and easy access to the documents.
The Library also offers to people with handicaps a range of specific services designed to make it easier for them to access the collections. Particular attention has been paid to people with visual impairments for whom five booths have been equipped with appropriate materials and software, along with volunteer guides who are available on appointment for assistance.
Other areas, such as Self-study, Music, Graphic Exhibitions and Video Games offer specific services for individual learning and leisure.
Your visit to the Library has been made easier with maps and information brochures at your disposal. You will find them in front of each reception desk where you can ask for help from the librarians. 

Don’t forget! The Library does not have rooms set aside for groups to work. 

Reach the map of the 3rd level

Plan du niveau 3

Reach the map of the 2nd level

Plan du niveau 2

Reach the map of the 1st level

Plan du niveau 1