You are a family

Are you bringing children with you? The Library does not have a Youth section and its documents are mainly designed for adults but did you know that in spite of this, throughout the different areas, it offers documents and activities which might interest young children? 
And if you are grandparents, you can benefit from priority access without having to line up, along with your grandchildren, via the Bpi exit (for those over 60 years). Adults who accompany children are responsible for them.

Access the list of Bpi resources selected for families (PDF).


On Level 3, in the music area the whole family can listen to music, play the piano or be transported by stories being read to them.

Films à la Bpi
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And everywhere in the Library, you will find animated films, documentaries, films of performances, digital comics, e-books for young people …
Access with no restrictions to most of the multimedia terminals on Levels 2 and 3.

Mangas Niveau 1
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The Graphic Arts Show

Friendly and colourful, the Graphic Arts Show offers albums, graphic novels and comics which will entertain teenagers and their parents, as well as novels for teenagers and young adults.


On Level 2, in the Science area, you will find many beautiful illustrated books on animals, the oceans, hot-air balloons, astronomy, volcanoes, etc.

Vue de l'espace Autoformation


In the Self-study area  (Level 2)

Want to learn English or Chinese or understand everything about volcanoes? Several fun methods and programmes on DVD available in the Self-Study area are very appropriate for younger audiences.



Want to play? Three consoles, with three games related to a theme, are available in the Video Game Show. The programmes for video games, which range from the most popular titles to others that are less well-known, are regularly updated to enable you to discover new ones the whole year long.  The classification of PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) of each game is indicated to help you to pick those which are appropriate for your children’s age-groups.

Children less than 12 years old who are not accompanied are not permitted in this area. 

Read books and comics on line with Izneo and Bibliovox !

The Izneo database consists of over 3,000 albums to read and re-read, the great Franco-Belgian classics, children’s books, mangas… new issues every month!
On Bibliovox, you can access 8,000 e-books including the collection Children/Youths: Petit ours brun , La cabine magique, Charles Perrault's fairy tales … and nearly 400 other titles. All these books are accessible at the Bpi but also at home, if you open an account on Bibliovox at the Bpi.