Social workers

If you work for organisations such as social centres or associations for the promotion of literacy or of French as a foreign language...

You are in contact with young people or adults who are in situations of exclusion and of social and/or economic fragility and who are not familiar with cultural institutions ...

Discover the services and collections of the Bpi designed for the relays and audiences of the socially challenged!

Download the information leaflet designed for social relays.

Visites de la Bpi

Tour the Library 

The Library organises for your groups Free tours all year long, by reservation, adapted to the particular needs of each one: general tours or tours centred on a specific area (Self-study, Useful skills, News...), thematic tours (gender equality, health, art and dedicated artists...).

Espace autoformation de la Bpi

Discover the Self-study area

The Self-Study area ) located on Level 2, is dedicated to lifelong learning: over 220 languages and dialects, office skills, the highway code… It makes available to you many resources (language learning methods, films, documentaries, programmes) to enable you to teach yourself totally independently or with the guidance of a librarian.

Special services are organised every Thursday morning to receive social work associations and to enable their audiences to better use the Library’s resources and according to their needs. 

Atelier à la Bpi

Participer à des ateliers et des permanences

La Bpi organise régulièrement des ​ateliers dans des domaines variés : apprentissage de langues étrangères ou de français langue étrangère (FLE), emploi et vie professionelle, informatique, écriture, jeux vidéo. 

Des permanences sont aussi proposées : écoute anonyme, santé, écrivain public, informatique, copropriété.



Logo France terre d'asile

Meet a mediator from France Terre d’Asile

On Thursdays and Fridays from 2pm to 5 pm, a mediator from the association France Terre d'Asile is on duty on Level 1 of the Bpi to receive, listen to and inform migrants on many subjects: the right to political asylum in France, housing, protection for foreign unaccompanied minors, specialised reception facilities, the Bpi resources... Talk to your beneficiaries about this!

Bibliothèques dans la cite
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Libraries and social cohesion 

Discover the role and the missions of libraries in the social area by consulting the heading Social Cohesion on the Bpi-pro website.

Capture d'écran de la carte CartO-FLE

CartO-FLE Île-de-France

Vous souhaitez connaître les bibliothèques proposant une offre pour l'apprentissage du français langue étrangère ? Initiée par la Bpi, CartO-FLE est une cartographie des ressources et des actions pour le français langue étrangère dans les bibliothèques publiques d'Île-de-France. De nouvelles bibliothèques y sont ajoutées régulièrement.

Pictogramme jaune
Bibliothèques offrant des ressources sur place ou à distance ou des accueils dédiés.
Pictogramme bleu
Bibliothèques offrant en plus des ateliers de conversation.