Internet and Wi-Fi

Check the conditions of access, for free, to Internet from a BPI landline or from your personal computer.

Download the Internet Charter.


Access to Internet from the Library terminals

The library offers access to the internet, free of charge, without reservation and without time limit for 182 workstations (8 of which are reserved for persons with disabilities, level 1)
In order to respect the confidentiality of your data, at the end of each use, we recommend you to disconnect your session.
In addition to these 182 workstations, 42 workstations are "attributable" by the information desks, and are reserved for documentary research (catalogs and other library resources).
Office tools available on all workstations: OpenOffice, Vlc, Paint, Notepad.

The Wi-Fi at the Bpi 

You can also connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi network from your laptop.
If required, electrical sockets are available on most reading tables. 
The Bpi has set up, for the benefit of the users, a Wi-Fi gateway with up to 1,000 concurrent accesses. This is a service that is unequalled anywhere in Paris. If all accesses are in use, newcomers must wait for one to be made available.

The Wi-Fi network is available for use on all three levels of the Library and in the queue. Users can connect without authentication or time limits.

How do you connect?
  • Check that the Wi-Fi has been activated on your machine (laptop, PDA, smartphone...)
  • From the list of networks available networks, select this one: Wi-Fi-bpi
  • Don’t forget, if you are on level 1 or in the queue, the network to select is: CentrePompidou
The Library cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for possible malfunctions of your terminal, following your connection to the Wi-Fi. This is the reason why Bpi employees are not permitted to work on your equipment.