Other services

As it is not possible to borrow documents, you may rely on photocopies and print-outs.
Don’t forget, you cannot save on a USB key from the Internet and multimedia terminals of the Library (except in the Self-study area).

To optimise your working conditions, think about taking a break at the cafeteria…

Don’t forget! 

Photocopies, printing and reprographics

Self-serve photocopy machines and print servers can be found on levels 2 and 3 of the Library.
Microfilms and microfiches can be reproduced in the Photocopy area on the second floor.
Payment may be made with a SEDECO card that is rechargeable for one year, or with coins.
  • Price list for photocopies

 Black and white, A4 format  0,13 €
 Black and white, A4 format by coin  0,15 €
 Black and white, A3 format  0,26 €
 Colour, A4 format  0,60 €
 Colour, A3 format  1,20 €
  • Price list for printing

 Black and white, A4 format                     0,13 €
  • Price list for reproductions of micro documents

 Black and white, A4 format                 0,40 €
 Black and white, A3 format  0,80 €

Storage space

For the moment, only the computer terminals in the Self-study area offer free service for saving your work from one session to the next, called, “personal space”. You may save on USB flash keys and print out your documents.
“Personal space” is a tool for storing your data that is very easy to use.

Don’t forget,
create this 30Mb storage space before starting your work.

It takes only a few minutes:
  • Click on the tab “create a personal space”.
  • Select a username and a password (of a maximum of eight characters)
  • Enter your birth date and your e-mail address.
In case you have problems, a librarian can assist you to create this personal space.

If you do not use it for over 45 days, it will be removed. You will receive a warning message a few days before the deadline. So don’t hesitate to open your space during every session.

"Le kiosque" cafeteria

Le Kiosque” cafeteria is an area for food services and sales located at the entrance to  level 2.

Warning ! This is the only place in the Library where you are permitted to eat

Here you will find :

Vending machines for hot or cold drinks.
Small stationery shop (notebooks, copy books, pencils…)
Opening hours :
On weekdays from 12:00 am to 7:00 pm
On weekends from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm


You are allowed to use them in certain locations:

  • In the cafeteria “Le Kiosque”,
  • On the exterior passageway of level 2,
  • In areas identified with a blue carpet on levels 2 and 3 near the photocopy space.