Application submissions

  • Businesses can find online, on the official web site of the French Government, , all the applicable government regulations as well as forms for the declarations and certifications that must be submitted to comply with the procedures for public procurements. 
  • Applicants can decide, according to the regulations of the consultation, to submit an offer on paper or electronically after identifying themselves on the Platform.
Applicants are reminded that, in order to sign their electronic bids, they must have an electronic signature certificate.
The categories of signature certificates used to sign electronically must, on the one hand, conform to the inter-sectoral security reference system, and on the other hand, be referenced on a list drawn up by the Minister for State reform.
In order to check that your IT environment is suitable, you are advised to test the electronic signature tool as soon as the tender document is downloaded and always well in advance of the deadline for submitting bids. You are also requested to become familiar with the system for submitting bids (and applications for restricted calls for tender or negotiated procedures) by sending in blank test runs.
  In accordance with line 2 article 56 of the CMP for purchases and supplies of computer materials and services for over 90,000 euro HT, the documents required from applicants must be transmitted electronically.