Audio-visuals collections

The Bpi has decided to showcase documentary cinema as a complement to its printed collections.

This decision led to the creation of a resource base of over 3300 titles which is expanded with 200 new titles every year, in the form of DVDs and in the acquisition of audio-visual rights to the CNational catalogue of documentary films. A cultural programme of public screenings in the rooms of the Centre Pompidou is held every year.
Deux usagers profitant des collections audiovisuelles
Photo : Voyez-vous

Encyclopaedism, current events, creativity

These holdings, a reflection of curiosities and the needs of the Library visitors, offer a complement to the printed collections. They are encyclopaedic and oriented towards new products, with predominantly films devoted to the problems of society and films on art.

A large portion is composed of documentary films called “creative”, which imply a point of view and an artist’s eye, respect for the people filmed and enough time to prepare and edit it. 

On the fringes of documentary cinema

During the last few years, the collection has been enlarged with films and tapes of live performances and concerts. These films make it possible to gain a historical perspective of the performing arts and to foster the discovery of contemporary creativity. Their selection is dictated by a concern to provide special visibility to works that explore the fusion of live performances and the art of filmmaking.
The Bpi also offers to adult and teenage viewers an original collection of animated films: 400 full-length and short films, representing different techniques and the best artists. This collection makes it possible to become familiar with a world of pure poetry, where marionettes and plasticine or 3D heroes rub shoulders with the classic cartoon.

A completely digital system of consultation 

All of the 3300 films of the collection can be viewed on multimedia terminals located throughout the Library (except for films of music and filmed concerts which are available in the Music area). There is a Film area, located on level 3 of the Bpi, opposite the Arts information desk, with ten terminals for consultation on reservation for sessions of two hours. Five terminals provide access to the entire collection for two simultaneous viewer, while five other terminals are dedicated to the video-on-demand-catalogue.
The video-on-demand service (VoD) allows you to extend your session to fiction films and complete it with news-related films and documentaries that are not kept in the permanent collections.

The digital Media Centre from Arte TV channel and UniversCiné

Since 2007, the Bpi has offered to audiences free of charge a selection of full-length feature French and foreign fiction films, which are constantly updated. The select collection assembles heritage films and recent international productions and documentary magazines such as Le Dessous des cartes or Karambolage.

The public can stream 12 films per 24 hours. These films remain available afterwards on the five screens for 48 hours.