Printed collections

The collections of books and journals in print, distributed throughout the rooms by major fields of knowledge, extends from the foundation of general references to more or less detailed studies according to discipline.  They offer a constantly updated choice of 350,000 books and about 2000 periodicals, of which 1700 are under subscription, and are kept for several years. To this can be added 240 titles from the French and foreign written press, 7000 maps and plans that are accessible in the  History-Geography area and 2000 scores of music.

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An encyclopaedic Library

The Bpi offers vast collections covering every field of knowledge and creation in all their forms of expression.

The 350,000 books and 1,800 periodicals in print are presented by the main areas of knowledge: philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, law, economy, sciences, technology, arts, music, literature and history. The collection extends from the general reference base to more or less detailed studies according to discipline. The historical and geographical coverage is more highly developed in art, in literature and in the human and political sciences.

Sectors such as law, economics, the social and the “hard” sciences are updated more frequently, owing to their constantly changing realities.