Sociology of the audiences

Since there are no member records (documents are openly accessible, free of charge and are to be consulted on-site as borrowing is not allowed), the Bpi conducts regular polls by random surveys in order to produce information on the profiles, practices and views of its visitors. Since 2003 in particular, it conducts a barometer indicator study of its audiences every three years.

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The audiences of the Library - Etude 2012

The last survey conducted in November 2012 updated the data collected in 2009: from Monday, November 19 to Sunday November 25, 2012, the survey staff of the Kynos Company conducted 1,056 face-to-face interviews with departing visitors at the exit.

The comparison of the results of this first wave with those of the survey conducted in November 2009 show that the structure of the audiences has varied little over the period of three years.

The percentage of university students remains identical (65%), and while the proportion of school students doubled from 3% to 6%, their representation is still modest, at least during November.

The more or less equivalent proportions of men and women that are traditionally recorded at the Bpi were weighted this time slightly in favour of women (52% compared with 48% for the men). The proportion of foreigners (30%) also remained relatively stable as well as the geographical distribution of the audiences, composed to a large extent of people residing in Paris and Île-de-France.
In contrast, changes already detected in preceding surveys were more pronounced.  Thus, 65.5% of the visitors surveyed stated that they came with the intention of working on their own documents (this proportion was only 43% in 2003 and 56.5% in 2009). Inversely, even though these users had access to the library collections, the number of visitors who stated on the day of the survey that they had used books, periodicals or the computers available onsite has regressed. 
La Bpi remains appreciated for the quality of its collections (41% of responses), but also because it offers a vast, airy work space (45%) that is conducive to work (28%).

Profil des usagers

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