Collections and specific offers

The Public Information Library (Bpi), is a national library, open to all.  It has three floors of nearly 430,000 documents on every subject and on every kind of support, that can be consulted on-site in open access and free of charge.

On open days, the printed collections that have been taken out of their shelves by visitors are re-shelved systematically, three times a day.  A period of observation of the consultation of documents of all sorts is organised every year (test weeks).

Les rayons de la Bpi

Printed collections

350,000 books and 1,800 periodicals in print are presented by the main areas of knowledge and in open access. The majority of the collections are in French for most disciplines, but an important collection in foreign language is also available.

Revues spécialisées à la Bpi
Exemples de revues spécialisées disponibles à la Bpi © Bpi, 2019 

Revues spécialisées

Complémentaires des livres, les revues spécialisées offrent une grande diversité de titres adaptée à des usages et des publics différents. 

Espace presse de la Bpi


A Library of current events, the Bpi offers abundant resources of national, regional and foreign newspapers in multiple languages that can be consulted in the Press area, in printed or digital form.

Postes multimédias de la Bpi

Electronic resources

A multidisciplinary, up-to-date collection of digital resources is accessible on any one of our many terminals: 110 databases on line, 31,000 digital books and 6,400 electronic journals. Internet is omnipresent and accessible from the many terminals dedicated to it or via the Wi-Fi.

Espace autoformation de la Bpi


The Self-study area offers several thousand of documents on any media : 500 methods of learning are dedicated to 220 languages and covered dialects.

Deux personnes profitant des collections audiovisuelles

Audio-visuals collections

The Bpi has decided to showcase documentary cinema as a complement to its printed collections. This decision led to the creation of a resource base of over 3300 titles which is expanded with 200 new titles every year. A cultural programme of public screenings in the rooms of the Centre Pompidou is held every year.

Espace musique et documents parlés

Music and talking documents 

The Bpi offers many resources that are audio or related to audio: records, music scores, books, magazines and films on music are available to the public in the Music area, located on Level 3 of the Library.

Le Salon Jeux Vidéo de la Bpi

New generation

The Graphic Arts and Video Game Shows, two convivial areas decorated by young graphic and street artists, are accessible for all visitors of the Bpi.

Cartes et plans
Cartes au niveau 3 de la Bpi

Cartes et plans

Grâce au fonds documentaire de cartes de la Bpi, il est possible de s’initier à la topographie d’un lieu, de remonter le temps dans les anciennes rues de Paris avec les cartes de Cassini ou encore de préparer une randonnée ou un voyage...