French trainees

Professionals of libraries and documentation centres as a part of their continuing training can receive traineeships at the Bpi.

There are also other types of traineeships reserved for foreign library professionals.

Important notice: the Bpi cannot host people who want to undertake a traineeship as part of an alternating work-study training programme.

Consultez les offres de stages actuellement proposées : 

Stage 1

La Bibliothèque publique d'information recherche un.e stagiaire germanophone pour le service Arts et Littérature.
Le stage conventionné mais non gratifié, d'une durée d'une à deux semaines débuterait le 13 avril 2020.

Les candidatures sont à adresser exclusivement à Marina Zborowski, cheffe du service Arts et Littérature :

Date limite de candidature : 23 mars 2020

Stage 2

La Bibliothèque publique d'information recherche un.e stagiaire développer.euse PHP pour le service Etudes et projets du département des Systèmes d'information.
Le stage gratifié, d'une durée de deux à trois mois débuterait le 1er avril 2020.

Les candidatures sont à adresser exclusivement au service Etudes et Recherches , adresse électronique :

Date limite de candidature :  30 mars 2020

Internship terms and conditions

  • Internships may be paid under certain conditions.
  • They may last from a minimum of one week to a maximum of three months
  • Your request must be presented at least two months before the period during which you wish to serve .

Conduct of internships

  • Personalised reception
  • Presentation of the public areas and services
  • Assignment to a service that draws up with the intern a detailed programme according to their expectations and the activities of the service
  • Participation in serving the public at the Library information desks
  • An internship report is not obligatory, but it is advisable
  • An evaluation, at the end of the internship, is conducted in the presence of the internship supervisor and the Training Service
  • A certification of the completed internship is provided to the intern. 

How do you request an internship?

You must send to the Training service by mail or e-mail the following:
  • A cover letter with a CV
  • The request must state:
    • The name of the institution where you work or study which will draw up an internship agreement.
    • The framework in which you are formulating this request and your internship plans, in line with the activities of the Bpi.
    • The length and the period of the internship that you wish (avoiding the school vacations).
  • Your request will be processed, placing your skills in parallel with the plans of the Library services and their capacity to host interns.

Sending in a request for an internship

By courier:

  • Bibliothèque publique d’information
    Service Formation
    25, rue du Renard
    75197 Paris cedex 04

By filling this form