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The booths have : 

• A multimedia PC with a 19-inch screen and large-character keyboard.  This provides access to the Bpi catalogue, Internet and office tools (Word, Excel). The screen reader software “Jaws” and the character enlargement software “Zoomtext” are installed on all five workstations.
• A scanner with the character recognition software “OmniPage Professional",
• A colour video enlarger (connected to the computer),
• A recorder,
• A multi-socket power bar for personal computers,
• A printer,
• A DAISY player/ recorder,
• A tape recorder (booth 1),
• A Perkins braille typewriter (booths 4 and 5),
• A braille display console (booths 2, 3 and 5),
• A reading machine (booths 2 and 3),
• A braille printer (booth 5),
• Vocale Presse for audio newspapers and magazines: In booths 1 and 3