New generation

Need to relax? Video game amateurs? Curious to discover the best contemporary comics? Ready to escape in science-fiction or fantasy stories? The Graphic Arts and Video Game Shows, two convivial areas decorated by young graphic and street artists, are accessible for all visitors of the Bpi.

Since December 2013, the Bpi honours “pop” cultures in two new areas on Level 1 of the Library. They promote the culture of young adults and showcase the leisure and relaxation collections accessible to all: video games, comics, fantasy literature, geek cultures geek, urban cultures, etc.

The Graphic Arts Show

Nearly 3,000 titles of contemporary graphic literature are available. We offer a rich and varied range of comics, mangas, graphic novels and contemporary albums in every style. Adventure, science fict...

The Video Game Show

Want to play? To challenge friends or immerse yourself in stunning virtual worlds?   At the Video Game Show, visitors to the Bpi have access to game consoles (Kinect, Xbox, PS3…). To play, you just ha...