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Special services

In order to provide a rapid response tailored to all our visitors’ questions on different subjects, the Bpi has concluded partnerships with several associations. You will be put in touch with an expert (a librarian, a writer, a social worker…) who can deal with your specific needs and offer keys to provide autonomy or find the most appropriate solution for the request.
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Three special services are offered:  

  • Professional writing service
  • France Terre d’asile counselling service
  • Self-study hosting service for associations

Professional writing service

Logo association Mots sur mesureTo find the right word or polite expression, to write your letters with ease, to write an administrative, professional or other personal or public letter more easily, without errors in spelling or grammar, the Library makes available a professional writing service.
This professional who is experienced in writing techniques is available for all visitors to re-read and help finalise their letters.
Consult the agenda regularly for the dates that the professional writer will be on duty.
In parternship with the association Mots sur mesure
Contact Bpi : Gislaine Zanos,

France Terre d’asile counselling service  

Logo association France Terre d'AsileSince 2010, the Bpi offers, in partnership with the association France terre d'asilea team designed to strengthen mediation for migrants, including the many political asylum-seekers who are regular visitors to the Library, especially young men from Afghanistan.
In this connection, a mediator from France Terre d'asile is on duty in the Library on Level 1 of the Bpi next to the queue for Internet, in an area located near the entrance to the Library, every Thursday and Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm.
This member of the FTDA speaks Pashtu and Dari (languages of Afghanistan and Pakistan), Persian (language of Iran), Urdu (language of Pakistan and northern India), Hindi (India), French and English. He purposes : 
  • To inform people on the right to asylum in France, to provide help with housing and protection for unaccompanied foreign minors;
  • To orient people towards specialised reception facilities for asylum-seekers and refugees;
  • To inform people about the Public Information Library, its collections and different services offered to visitors, especially self-study tools in French as a foreign language.
Contact Bpi : Hélène Saada, , 01 44 78 44 45 or, 01 44 78 13 83

Self-study hosting service for associations

The Bpi hosts associations on Thursday mornings in the Self-study area. The objective is to encourage participants to come with their trainers to discover learning methods and become familiar with how the area is run in order to be able to return independently.
The Self-study space hosts five associations every week.  The hosting capacity is full at the moment but if you are interested in participating regularly, you can sign up on the waiting list.
The Bpi also offers group (link to the page Tours) tours, on reservation, adapted to different needs. Do n’t hesitate to contact the Audience Development Service to discuss it!

Contact Bpi : Hélène Saada, , 01 44 78 44 45 or, 01 44 78 13 83